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How Janet Lao Got Rid of Acne & Acne Scars After Many Trials and Errors

Janet started a blog simply to share her acne experience along the way.

She has been suffering from acne for more than a decade, and she has tried hundreds types of product in order to overcome her acne skin problem.

After the long battle, she can safety say that she doesn’t break out that much often, and her skin has improved over the years.

She still does struggle on post acne marks and pigmentation, therefore her journey on finding the best skincare is still ongoing. You can read about her journey at Journey On Discovering The World Of Beauty


Please give us some background about yourself: What is your age? What do you do?

I’m Janet, 28 years of age. I work at a corporation in the morning and run a Beauty blog ( at night.


Developing Acne: When did you start developing acne? How did you feel about it?

Janet Lao With a Severe Acne Breakout

Janet Lao With a Severe Acne Breakout

I started developing acne at the age of 13 when hormones were changing, and my skin started to react. Most of my acnes were formed in my forehead as I have extremely oily T-zone, and at that time I had bangs that lead to more bacteria in the area.

At first, acne would come and go, so I never really cared much about it thinking it would heal by itself.

But things didn’t happen as I expected because at the age of 15, I experienced my first ever breakout. I had acne not only on my forehead but also on my cheeks, chin and nose part.

I was really insecure at that time and I would cover most of my face with hair just so people would not be able to see those huge cystic acne on my face.


Overcoming acne: What have you done to get rid of acne? Did you follow a particular treatment?

I didn’t have any knowledge at that time, so I just purchased a drugstore Benzoyl Peroxide ointment which I have seen on a TV commercial. I still remember how I felt upon using my first ever Benzoyl Peroxide because it sting the hell out of me.

It made my skin super red, dried out my skin and I also experienced peeling and flakiness of skin. Despite the consequences, I continued using it because the TV commercial says to continue using it for 1-2 months to see results / improvement.

After finishing the product, it did heal the breakout and the acne. However my normal skin had become sensitive. I don’t usually have any problems with sensitivity, but after using Benzoyl Peroxide, my skin was kind of messed up. It tends to react to products very easily, and I also developed Eczema after that.


What products did you use or methods you followed to finally make your skin acne free and minimize the break outs?

I went through a lot of products to combat my sensitive acne-prone skin, like:

I even went to the extent of having heat treatment, but none really worked PERMANENTLY. They did work on my first breakout, but the next time I used it, the efficacy was nowhere to be seen. You can check my blog as I have clearly noted down my experiences while using these types of products.

Janet Lao After Successfully Fighting and Getting Rid of Acne

Janet Lao After Successfully Fighting and Getting Rid of Acne

Lucky enough, I managed to run through some very helpful forums such as acne org where people all over the world discuss and share inputs on acne.

I was introduces to an ingredients called AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) which claims that it can help combat acne and also reduce wrinkles and fight aging of skin.

There are a lot of AHA products in the market, so I simply grabbed a tube of a cleanser that contained AHA. It definitely helped maintain my skin to not breakout that often.

I have been using AHA related products for more than 3 years now, and although sometimes my skin still develops a few acnes, they now normally go away after 4-5 days.


Advice for others: What should be done to avoid acne? How should acne be treated if someone gets it?

I would just like to make a shout out to people that it is best to seek a professional for any skin related issue because you might probably end up abusing and damaging your skin without you knowing it at all.

If you guys think that seeking a professional is beyond your budget, then you could do some research on your own such as determining first what is your skin type and later trying to search for products that are suitable for your skin condition.

Lastly, of course as we all know, drinking plenty of water, healthy diet and exercise will definitely lead to a clear and flawless skin complexion.


Anything else you would like to share with the readers? Any “eureka” product that you discovered that could help minimize acne scars?

I don’t develop acne that often. But there are still acne scars and marks left on my skin.

So I was introduced to a product called Morocco Argan Oil . It definitely helps minimize the acne scars and even out the skin tone well enough.

I have already used up 4 bottles, and am still continuing to use it as it really helps my skin stay more healthy and radiant.

Feel inspired? Feel motivated? Continue getting more stories of people successfully getting rid of acne, completely FREE! Subscribe now, and get motivated to fight your own acne!


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