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How Tracy McCullough Got Rid of Acne – Naturally!

Ex-acne sufferer Tracy McCullough is the author of The Love Vitamin, a blog about treating acne naturally and holistically.

She blogs about treating acne, but also all the painful emotions that come with it so you can overcome them and become healthy and happy!


Please give us some background about yourself

My name is Tracy, I’m 25, and I live in Canada. I blog about treating acne with a healthy lifestyle and creating a positive, happy life in the process. That’s my job :)


When did you start developing acne? How did you feel after getting acne? How did people around you (friends & family) react?

I started developing acne in Grade 7, just mild, average teenage acne.

I struggled with mild acne on and off through my teenage years and into my 20s. Sometimes it would get worse and get more moderate.

I always hated it and was really ashamed about having acne. I’m a perfectionist so it was hard to admit to myself or anyone else that I wasn’t perfect and that I had this problem.

It did bother me a lot, but with a little makeup, most of the time it wasn’t such a big deal.

Tracy McCullough With an Acne  Breakout

Tracy McCullough With an Acne Breakout

But then when I was almost 23, I suddenly came down with severe acne all over my face. This was by far the worst time of my entire life.

I was so devastated. I felt really desperate, anxious, and scared all the time.

I packed on makeup to try and hide it, but I know that never really hides a severe acne problem.

No one ever said anything about it directly to me, and it was hard talking to anyone about it, so I mostly suffered in silence. It’s really difficult to bottle up all those emotions.


Overcoming acne: How did you fight acne? Did you follow a particular treatment?

To overcome acne:

  • I changed my diet to healthier foods
  • I started exercising more
  • I worked on lowering my stress levels
  • I tried to get some sunshine on my skin every day
  • I started getting better quality sleep, and
  • I changed my skin care from chemical face washes and moisturizers to only natural one-ingredient products – like using honey to wash my face, and jojoba oil to moisturize

Basically I started leading a healthier lifestyle which healed my acne from inside out, and treated the root cause of the problem.

I didn’t use any acne medications, acne creams, or anything like that. All natural.


The results: Have you been able to get rid of acne? How long did it take? Did you experience any side effects?

Tracy McCullough After Successfully Getting Rid of Acne

Tracy McCullough After Successfully Getting Rid of Acne


Yes, I was able to get my acne from severe to completely clear in about three months.

No unpleasant side effects since what I was doing to get rid of it was working towards making my body healthier – so I guess the only “side effects” of that are feeling better mentally and physically!


Post acne: How do you feel after getting rid of acne? How do people react when they see you now?

I feel amazing since getting rid of acne!! How could I not?

Having severe acne was the worst time of my life; it feels so good to look in the mirror and not seeing any acne staring back at you. It feels so good to not have to think about acne day in and day out and just get on with my life.


Advice for others: What should be done to avoid acne? How should acne be treated if someone gets it?

My advice for others is just to let them know that they can cure their acne!

I know that many people are in a desperate situation where they’ve tried everything at the drug store and everything from the doctor and everything from the dermatologist, and NOTHING works (plus a lot of that stuff has terrible side effects anyway)… They feel like they are at their wits end.

However, most people don’t realize how much unhealthy habits can contribute to acne. Acne isn’t just something that happens out of the blue, it’s because of internal imbalances that CAN be fixed by you with a few simple lifestyle changes.

You can be in control of this situation, instead of waiting for the next cream or doctor to turn your situation around.

That’s a really sucky and helpless place to be in, but you don’t have to be there anymore.

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